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Northlands Primary believes that sport plays a vital role in the all-round education of every boy and girl and believes in the value of participation in team sports. This experience extends beyond the school campus in the form of sports festivals and sports tours which provide opportunities for our scholars to be exposed the multi-cultural essence of South Africa. Through sport, our boys and girls receive a foundation that equips them with the necessary characteristics to succeed in any environment and career they choose to pursue.

The rich history of the Inter-House programme provides the learners with moments to connect, build friendships, experience culture and create memories as they engage and compete with one another across a number of different activities that form part of the educational pillars at Northlands Primary. It is through this programme that every boy and girl is allowed to discover their passion and talents that gives them a strong sense of family and belonging. The school has four houses and they are; Cato, Gardiner, West and King.

Northlands Primary offer a variety of sports to cater for the interests of the multicultural society and community in which the school exists, and all boys and girls are encouraged to participate in at least one sport per term. The sporting codes are categorized according to the two predominant seasons in which they occur and are as follows;


Summer Sport:


Winter Sport:

Action Netball is offered during the summer sport season and is limited to one team per age group. Potential sporting codes include Water Polo and Soccer.

The Junior Primary boys and girls participate in a tailor-made programme specifically created to accommodate the fundamentals of long term athletic development and hand-eye coordination. This programme incorporates a number of aspects that are geared towards important motor skill development but more importantly the fun and enjoyment that rewards the participants and encourages them to remain committed.

Northlands Primary is equipped with top class sporting facilities that include an aquatic centre, mini astroturf, cricket nets, tennis courts and two full size sports fields that are floodlit to allow for day/night cricket matches, rugby matches and many other sporting events such as tournaments and festivals. The sports coaches are highly qualified, experienced in coaching both Junior and Senior Primary boys and girls and are equipped to not only provide the foundation for future provincial and national sportsmen and women, but more importantly possess the skills necessary for developing relationships and mentoring the emotional and psychological growth and well-being of all boys and girls.

Sport at Northlands Primary, like all aspects of this school, strives to uphold the core values of the school and to teach all boys and girls the necessity of these values in the most practical and effective way possible, ensuring that every child truly receives the holistic education they deserve.