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Senior Primary Department

(Disclaimer: The submission of this enquiry form does not guarantee that an applicant will be offered a place at Northlands Primary School)

The Senior Primary Department offers your child a holistic education – there are numerous sporting and cultural activities offered, along with a solid academic foundation.

The Grade Leader in each grade coordinates a standardised academic programme, including assessments, across the grade. Parents are invited to attend an information evening at the beginning of the year, where they are informed about the requirements for the relevant academic activities and assessments planned.

A progress report is issued at the end of every term so that parents are aware of how much effort their child is putting into his/her academic performance. During the first week of the 2nd and 3rd terms, parent interview evenings are held, where every parent has the opportunity to discuss their child’s academic progress with the relevant teachers. Our teachers have an ‘open door’ policy and will happily assist where-ever possible.

With the arrival of a global pandemic in 2020 we had to adjust our academic offer to include an extensive on-line teaching programme which saw our educators and learners up-skilling at a furious rate to avoid the loss of academic time over the many lockdown weeks. The Northlands On-line school was born, the first government primary school programme of its kind.

To assist with teacher – parent communication, we use the Classroom Dojo App throughout the school. This app can be downloaded onto your cell-phone for private messaging with the teachers. We use the Dojo to inform parents immediately of any issues that have arisen during the day. All other school communication is done via our D6 Communicator.

All our learners, from Grade 4 to 7, strive to be recognised in the ‘Tree of Knowledge’, inter-house academic competition.  Those who achieve a ‘Top 5’ position in class each term, are recognised at a special assembly and treated to a well-deserved ‘Principal’s Tea’.

Academic excellence in Grades 6 & 7 is also rewarded. A learner who constantly achieves an aggregate of 80% and over is awarded an academic scroll to wear on his/her blazer.