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Northlands Pre-Primary

Northlands Pre-primary is the perfect starting point to your child’s educational journey. Encompassing Grade 000, Grade 00 and Grade R we endeavour to instil the fundamental learning concepts required for formal learning in a friendly and stimulating environment. Our school day is a perfect balance of exploratory play and relationship building and carefully executed teacher-led lessons.  Situated on the same leafy grounds as the main school and enjoying the benefits of the world class facilities offered at Northlands Primary School. Our close proximity to the Junior Primary staff and specialist teachers allow a firm foundation and easy transition into formal schooling. Each group teacher in the Pre-Primary has a fully qualified Foundation Phase teacher assisted by full time teacher assistants, allowing for an effective teacher: learner ratio.

Access to a Private Speech Therapist and Private Occupational Therapist on our premises at school, allow minor and some major difficulties to be assessed and resolved early on, with continued intervention available as needed. The Pre-primary has its own Aftercare facility which is operated within the school grounds. Effectively allowing a very safe environment for your child to receive their formative education with minimal impact on your work day.