Welcome to Fairway on Northlands

Here's a thought
Give your child TIME. Time to grow up. Time to grow through their early difficulties. Time to discover their bodies and how they can use them. Time to know the family and their surroundings.  Time to get to know the new routines. Life is not a race.  Let them attain these achievements at their own pace, when they are ready.
We welcome all our families into our Fairway on Northlands Pre-Primary for 2018 and hope you all had a very special time over the past holiday.  We would especially like to welcome our new parents and children into our school and hope you will all soon feel like you have been with us for ages! Please do chat to the teachers, myself or Pam if you have any queries or are unsure of things. We will happily help you keep up to date with the new routines. We encourage you to help the children stay positive about their environment and support them during this initial settling in time. 
- Lynn Mason (Fairway HOD)

Sharkie pays a visit to Fairway on Northlands

Fairway Uniform

Concerts spell fun for all