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Thank you for your enquiry for your child to attend Northlands Primary School. The high standard of education set at Northlands Primary School and the continual investment in human and physical resources are dependent on the compulsory school fees paid by parents. The school fees for the 2024 year are set at R43,470. This is expected to increase in 2025.

Please note: The completion and submission of this application form does not in anyway imply acceptance of your child. This application form must be completed in full, and all documents requested provided, before the application is accepted and processed.

You will require certain documentation during the online application process so please ensure you have the following prepared before proceeding:

  1. Passport size colour photograph of your child.
  2. Unabridged Birth Certificate or South African Identity document of your child.
  3. Copies of both parents’ Identity Documents / Passport.
  4. Proof of residence – ONLY a copy of lease agreement or Municipality utility bill or Letter from your Bank.
  5. Copy of Immunisation Card.
  6. Latest school report.
  7. Statement of current school fees.
  8. If self-employed, please upload a Business card to the application form.
  9. Certified copy of Death Certificate of parent (if applicable).
  10. Copy of Divorce Agreement (if applicable).
  11. Copy of Court order granting legal guardianship (if applicable).

It is important to note the following:

  • The acceptance of siblings is not automatic. Preference is given to applicants living in close proximity to Northlands Primary School and Northlands Pre-Primary School.
  • The parents accept that the medium of instruction at Northlands Primary School is English; and
  • In terms of Section 39 and 40 of the SA Schools’ Act, you are liable to pay compulsory school fees as laid down by the Governing Body.
  • Closing date for 2025 applications is 31 July 2024, although admissions will be processed until school threshold is reached.
  • If a parent gained entrance for his/her child to this school by making a false statement regarding his/her place of residence or any other information, the school is entitled to revoke the agreement, which allowed the learner concerned admission to this school.

Application from a foreigner must be accompanied by appropriate documentation for entry into a South African School. This must include Residence Permit and Study Visa.

Upon acceptance, a payment of R5,000.00 must be paid within 14 days of notification in order to secure your child’s admission.    R2,500.00 will be allocated to school fees and with your permission, R2,500.00 will be allocated to the Capital Projects Fund (Development Levy).    Please check the relevant tick box at the end of this application form to provide your consent.

Thank you for interest shown in Northlands Primary School and we trust that Northlands will be the chosen school for your child/ren.

Queries with completing the online form?

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