We at Northlands follow the Revised National Core Curriculum – this syllabus has been modified from the original Outcomes Based Approach to allow for a more traditional approach to teaching where this would be of benefit to the teaching of a learning area. Obviously class size is of importance particularly with grade 1 pupils starting their formal education, for this reason we keep our grade ones at a size which compares most favourably with most private schools.
In order to keep abreast with developments in education we have set up a twinning programme with selected other schools whereby several teachers and learners attend a particular school for a week and similarly we host teachers and learners of the other school. After the twinning we go through a report back process in order that we benefit from teaching methods and other aspects of school life that are being successfully implemented elsewhere. 

Our educators are a highly dedicated group of people who at all times place the interest of the learners first – in the unlikely event of problems developing with regard to a particular learner, access to senior management is readily gained and the matter is speedily resolved. We have an experienced school psychologist who uses Northlands as a base who may be consulted should the need ever arise. 
Furthermore we have a very good working relationship with a highly rated remedial school in Morningside. Should there be need for remedial intervention, Northlands Primary learners can gain access to the remedial school, and then return to us to continue their mainstream education once the problem is rectified. Academically our pupils do exceptionally well with 20+ gaining bursaries and scholarships annually to high schools. 

Currently we have past pupils who have bursaries/scholarships at; Durban Girls’ College, Michaelhouse, Clifton College, Danville Girls’ High, DHS, Glenwood, Northlands Girls’ High and Northwood. As some measure of the success of our past pupils, in 2003 the head girls of Durban Girls’ College, Danville and Northlands Girls High were all old girls. 


Cultural activities play an important aspect of school life. We have an active Debating Society which meets weekly. Our team has done well in the Durban league and ranks among the best primary schools. 

The Junior and Senior Choirs and the percussion Band practice regularly and perform at many events such as Eisteddfods, they have achieved a reputation for their fine performances. They also regularly entertain the Old Folk at TAFTA providing a great deal of pleasure and learning the importance of civic responsibility. 

We have an extremely active Junior and Senior Chess Group who run coaching sessions in the afternoons and evenings. Our Chess teams regularly compete in competitions and frequently rank top in KZN. 

Our school Art Club is one of the largest clubs in the school. Most of the art created in this club is regularly displayed in our school foyer. 

Annually we produce either a Concert or Musical – these are not only great opportunity for young people to display their talent but we also try to allow for the participation of as many as possible in order that they can enjoy this important aspect of school life.