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Open Day
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Message from Alistair Naidu
There are many schools in the Durban North area, but not all schools are the same.  As the Principal, and also as a father and parent of the school, I am often reminded of what is important to me, other parents and children, when it comes to selecting a school.

Northlands has stunning grounds, buildings and facilities, and a range of academic and extra-curricular opportunities that you may not find at too many neighbouring schools.  But the buildings and fields will not educate our children.

Our strength lies in the relationships that will ultimately define our childrens’ educational journeys.  The quality of this relationship between children, teachers and parents is second to none. When children feel supported, cared for and recognised for who they are, they can achieve great things and enjoy the process of doing this.

We are not privileged to have great staff at Northlands Primary, we are blessed.  I often ask our learners if they enjoy being at Northlands and they always respond in the affirmative. I believe that the positive response is because of our caring and committed staff. They are kind, compassionate and caring individuals.  Take my word for it, they will treat your children like their very own.   They are wonderful role models.  They go out of their way to keep the channels of communication open with families through face to face meetings, telephone calls, emails, cellphone apps, and the D6 communicator.  Despite their nurturing nature, they also have high expectations of our learners.  They also look for and are afforded the opportunity for their own professional growth.  Many have studied beyond their bachelor’s degree qualification.

Each of our little boys and girls will take a slightly different route on this educational journey at Northlands Primary, but as a school our aim remains the constant for all:

  1. To provide quality continuous education from Pre-Primary through to Grade 7
  1. To provide excellent facilities in the academic and sports fields
  1. To provide a caring and loving environment for learners to realise their true potential through the nurturing of our core values of honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility and loyalty.

These core values are woven into the fabric of Northlands Primary.  Its allows us to remain focused on what is important to us.  It is like a mirror for our decision-making and provides a guide and reason for our actions and behaviours.

While many schools around the country have opted to remove religion from school, Northlands Primary has remained steadfast in maintaining a Christian ethos at our school.  This ethos reinforces the strong value system that is evident at our school.  I believe that the principles are applicable to any religion or creed. Having said that, I must emphasise that we respect and acknowledge all religions and beliefs.



To go one step further, I often use the phrase that we are a proudly South African School.  Learners from various race groups, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds are part of our School.  I am proud to say that a ‘monoculture’ does not exist at Northlands Primary School.

I have expressed my views on the strong feeling of family and community at our School.  You will soon feel the warmth and love that permeates throughout our school.  Parents,

I discourage drop and go parents at our school.  It is our school.  Share in this wonderful journey with your child.  Attend school meetings, functions and sporting events.  Your involvement is a vital part of your child’s experience and success at school.

On the business side, I must stress that we are a fee paying school.  We are only able to function as we are with the continued support from our parent body.  A default in school fee payment impacts negatively on the amazing planned experience of our boys and girls. School fee payment is compulsory.  Please honour your commitment in this regard.

Thank you for entrusting us to care for your sons and daughters on this journey. We understand that as you sit together as a family, you have specific hopes and dreams for your child, we share the commitment in guiding them to reach their full potential.

They are your special, unique treasure and your dreams and their dreams about the future are real and precious. We understand that there will be happy times and sad times, achievements and disappointments, but one thing is certain – every young learner who engages in the rich tapestry which is Northlands Primary School will be changed forever. I have an open door policy and invite you to pop in here at any time – this is as much your school now as it is your child’s. I look forward to getting to know you and exploring the years ahead together.


Welcome and thank you for making Northlands Primary School your school of choice.