Welcome to the Northlands Family. Our school day involves many different activities and responsibilities in the academic, cultural, extra mural and social skills aspects, but wherever we are involved, Northlands is committed to the highest levels of excellence – producing, learning and coaching. We as a staff are committed to serving the needs of all to reach the expected levels with our positive and enthusiastic approach to school life. – Barry Wilson (School Principal)


Northlands, we honour our school Northlands, we’ll always be true to all our traditions, the spirit that grew And grows every year, every season too. As working or playing, our utmost we do To honour the name of our own school. Honour the colours we wear; Cherish the badge we bear; The wide wide horizon, the far-reaching seas The fields fair and green with growing trees; It’s here we have built and learnt and played And kindled a flame which will never fade.


Remember : “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” – Anthony Robbins

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